College Works Painting
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high-quality house painting, helping entrepreneurs to manage their own painting business

Success, Integrity, & Leadership

Embark on a journey unlike any other where success begins and leaders are made. Join the elite students of College Works Painting and gain the experience you will need to realize your dreams. Success begins here.

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College Works Painting

Home contractor painting companies are not all created equal, and in fact College Works Painting offers both homeowners and driven students the ability to unite and create a positive outcome. Students are offered the ability to create income, acquire awesome real world experience running a business and managing expenses, and community values that promote integrity and responsibility. Homeowners benefit with industry leading service plans, competitive prices, and a team of hardworking and devoted paint contractors. Home improvement does not have to be a hassle and can at the same time support positive changes in your community.

College is not always affordable and for many students, it can be challenging to make it through school. That is why hiring a home painting contractor through College Works Painting is a great way to support the wellbeing of the college students in your community. Some of the skills acquired involve leadership, managerial duties, managing the financial aspects of a business, responsibility for crew members, confidence, integrity and ethical standards associated with serving members of the community. College Works Painting is proud of each college student willing to take on a college internship to actively move closer to real world experience and the opportunity to support community members.

Homeowners have many options regarding which house painting contractor they bring on board. This is why College Works Painting is devoted to offering warranties and top of the line service and materials. Only the highest standard of paint is used and each student is fully trained and prepared ahead of time, mapping out their business strategy and their loyalty to the client. This involves a year’s worth of preparation and students are ready to enter the community with a real service to offer those homes that have suffered from weather and basic wear and tear. These students can then focus on their college tuition, school, and providing excellent customer service to those homeowners that wish to support the active and inspirational members of their community.

College Works Painting

1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614   |   (888) 450-9675

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