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About College Works Painting

Selection of Branch Managers

Our Branch Managers are chosen based on a strict interview process that involves four separate stages including three face-to-face interviews with different company representatives. Not all college students are capable of the responsibility involved in working a summer with College Works Painting. Branch Managers are selected on the basis of past work experience, academic performance, and involvement in high school and college activities, as well as their overall level of maturity. We believe we have been able to attract extraordinary men and women.

Branch Operator Training

The College Works training program is designed to teach Branch Managers every aspect of the residential painting business from the ground up. Our program provides intensive classroom training, written materials, and, most importantly, constant in-the-field instruction and supervision by experienced District Managers. Training begins in February and Branch Managers are monitored on a near-daily basis from the time they are hired until all work has been completed at the start of the fall term. We have achieved extremely positive results, as our REFERENCE LETTERS will attest.

"The capable manager at CWP knows his business and is committed to doing as good a job as possible. It has been my pleasure to watch a promising young man grow into an enterprising businessman."

Richard Melnick

Managing Director, Financial Administration
Harvard Business School


Safety is one of the most important aspects of every single painting project. College Works is the leader in setting up Safety Training as well as Safety Programs. College Works Painting has been instrumental in changing the safety standard of the painting industry as a whole. We actively promote and share our standards with our suppliers and competitors alike. Each crew that works on your home has updated Safety Guidelines as well as complete procedures for any possible circumstances. Safety meetings are held every seven days in order to remind and update the crews on safe work practices. Every College Works painter and Branch Operator has a vested interest in keeping a safe job site as their season's bonuses are tied to safety on the job site. Please ask your Crew Chief to see our Safety Program, we are proud of it.

Safety Manual and Material Safety Data Sheets
Below, we have listed links to the Material Safety Data Sheets of all the products College Works will use on your home.

The Painters
The College Works Painting crews are made up of a mix of college students as well as others who have had years of experience in the painting business. The common thread amongst all the crews is that they are the kind of people that any of us would feel comfortable to have paint our parents' or grandparents' homes. The painters, like the Branch Operators, are there to serve you and your satisfaction is their priority.

Important Facts

  • Founded in 1993
  • Over 12,000 homes painted in 2006
  • Hires 2000+ college students every year
  • Unmatched 97% customer satisfaction rating
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • 2-5 year guarantee of quality
  • Operates in 19 states
College Works Painting

1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614   |   (888) 450-9675

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