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Premium Service Plan

College Works Painting always provides a quality service with high-quality products. This does not imply, however, that a paint job is bulletproof. Paint also takes a beating in areas of high sun exposure or from harsh weather.

Our premium service plan is designed to provide you with the absolute best products on the painting market today, along with even more extensive preparation to enhance paint adhesion to the surfaces of your home. This upgrade will add 2 to 4 years to the life of the paint job, and will also make the color you have chosen appear richer and brighter.

Using specialized power-washing equipment enables us to remove dirt, salts, and other mineral deposits that have been absorbed into the grain of the wood and pores of the stucco. The cleaner the surface, the better the paint will bond.

The purpose of paint is to beautify and protect your home. A second coat to your home provides an extra level of both beauty and protection. Primer paint is latex-based, which means that a thin layer of rubbery plastic is sealing your home. Applying two coats is like doubling up a plastic trash bag: the plastic is a lot less likely to “break.” Primer is used as a base coat because of its epoxy-bonding agents which are designed to stick to the surface they are applied to like glue. This allows the finish coat to go on more evenly and provides a thicker outer surface.

The top coat will be 100% acrylic paint. This is much more durable than vinyl paint or other latex-based paints, and forms a harder shell as it dries and cures. This paint costs 50-60% more per gallon than the top-of-the-line latex blend paints.

We are so confident in these products and in our workmanship that we have a 5 Year Guarantee on materials and a 2 Year Guarantee on labor. This means you pay nothing for any materials needed to repair your paint job for five full years. In years 3, 4, and 5 you pay only the cost of labor at $24/hour. We challenge you to find any professional painter to come out for less than $50/hour for minor repairs. As we mentioned before, no paint job is bulletproof. Minor cracks and peeling may occur. An ounce of prevention is worth a ton of cure, however. A quality paint job will last for up to 10 years if, every year, minor paint failures are scraped, sanded, primed, and touched up with the original paint. The problem is that most people allow the problem to get worse by not touching up the job. These minor paint failures are made worse by exposure to moisture and sunlight, and extensive peeling and damage to the surface may increase exponentially over the next few seasons. Our average warranty claim takes less than
4 hours . Most painters are not willing to come out for such a small job. If you call us, we will be willing to come out every year to inspect your paint job and perform the necessary touch-ups.

If you decide to have your home painted again at the end of our service plan, we will paint it for the same original contract price. Paint industry averages, accounting for inflation, show prices rising approximately 5% per year. This means that the cost of your next paint job could be 30%less than that of our average customer six years from now.

College Works Painting

1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614   |   (888) 450-9675

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