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College Works Painting program gives students an opportunity to build a competitive resume and gain marketable leadership skills.  CWP helps university students develop, implement and illustrate a strong work ethic, strong communication skills, effective organizational management skills, powerful sales skills, and an overall understanding of the mechanics of leadership that can be applied to any profession.

The challenging job market has made it essential for college students to gain real world experience prior to graduation.  CWP provides a universally useful answer to this need.

College Works Painting is the premier business and leadership program offered to undergraduate students. Not only do College Works managers earn big profits (averaging $9,300 and as high as $50,000 their first year), they also gain "real life" business experience and business contacts.

College Works interns design and implement a marketing program, conduct sales, estimate projects, work with customers, and recruit, hire, and train their own employees. Essentially, they learn all aspects of running a small business.

Our company's carefully designed program allows you to test your limits in a real managerial role. The College Works Adventure provides one of the best proving grounds available for you to achieve the personal and professional growth necessary in today's competitive world. Discover for yourself if you possess the skills and ambition necessary to achieve your goals.

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College Works Painting

1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614   |   (888) 450-9675

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