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Peer Success

Payam Zamani
Year Managed: 1991-1994

Payam founded AutoWeb Interactive, which sells advertising space on the Web to car dealerships. His full-page ads can be seen in several national magazines. His company trades publicly on the NASDAQ as AWEB.

Jeremy Kisner
Year Managed:1991-1993

Jeremy approached 3E Company, a hazardous materials compliance firm about starting a sales agency to market their service. His company was so successful that the parent corporation bought him out and hired him as their Director of Sales. Jeremy now heads a sales force, joins senior management in all strategic planning, and travels across the country meeting with Fortune 500 companies.

"How has College Works changed me? Well this is easy. Ask anyone that knows me, and they will all give you the same answer. Confidence! Not just in running a painting business, in everything."

Ryan Scott

2002 Manager of the Year, Massachusetts

Mark Moses
Year Managed:1985-1989

Mark started CWP division in California and sold his shares after five years. He has gone on to develop one of the leading mortgage brokerage businesses in Southern California and was nominated as the 1997 Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and won the award in 1998. Platinum Capital will originate over $1 billion in loans this year.

Jon Hepworth and Jamie Spears
Year Managed:1989-1992

Jon and Jamie founded FirstWay Fundraising and have created a national sales network. FirstWay helps charities and non-profit organizations raise money through a patented program they designed. Jon and Jamie have become leaders in their industry and continue to grow their business which now generates over $3 million annually.

Jason Waybright
Year Managed:1993-1996

Jason began work after graduation for a financial planning company specializing in annuities. Once learning about the industry, he utilized his skills learned as a College Works intern and started his own company. He is now the CEO of Waybright Financial Group, a fast growing firm based in Redding, California.

Gene Amnuel
Year Managed:1999-2001

After a successful manager year, Gene moved to Oregon to be a District Manager. He excelled in the position and then chose to pursue his interest in finance and the stock market. Faced with tough competition for a select position with Morgan Stanely, he was able to beat out individuals with graduate degrees due to his hands-on work experience. He is now one of the youngest brokers for Morgan Stanley.

Adam Robinson
Year Managed:1996-1998

Adam Robinson is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Govplace, a leading supplier of technology products and services to government agencies. Prior to founding Govplace, directly out of college, Adam successfully started, built and sold a company providing information technology solutions to major banking and education clients throughout California. Before his career as an entrepreneur, Adam received a Bachelor's degree in Economics from The University of California at Santa Barbara. While getting his degree Adam distinguished himself as a Branch Operator and later as a District Manager for the National Services Group receiving both a nomination for Rookie Manager of the Year and the prestigious Top Quality Producer scholarship.

Angelo Deliva
Year Managed:1992-1994

Angelo was a top producer at each level of the College Works program. He is now the founder of, an up-and-coming architectural portal that is attracting intense interest in the venture capital community.

College Works Painting

1682 Langley Avenue, Irvine, CA 92614   |   (888) 450-9675

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